Adventure Game & Battleships (Large)
Adventure Game & Battleships (Large)
Adventure Game & Battleships (Large)
Adventure Game & Battleships (Large)

Adventure Game & Battleships (Large)

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Our board games are made of a strong, durable plastic and laminated, allowing them to be easily wiped clean.

Each board is printed double sided, ensuring maximum usage of the board.


1 x Double-Sided Board (50cm x 50cm)
2 x Dice
12 x Counters
Battleships Pieces:
 - Middle dividing board
 - 3 sets of 5 laminated battleships


Adventure Game

How to Play:
Roll the dice and make your way onto the island. Using the dice, adventure around the island, until you get a chance to "climb" up and collect your flag. The first person to get all 3 of their counters to their respective coloured flags is the winner.



Battleships is a great learning tool and is a fun way to improve your child’s graphing and critical thinking skills.

Arrange your 5 boats on your grid at various locations. Your opponent does the same. Then start hunting each other down. To do that, you take turns calling out the names of squares on the grid. You track your hits and misses on the grid on the right with an X or an O in a coloured whiteboard marker. When you hit a ship enough times (the Aircraft carrier takes 5 hits, for example) you’ve sunk it. When the enemy fleet is destroyed, you’ve won.

A lovely variable on this game is to use sight words as opposed to ships. Perfect to reinforce the learning of these words in a fun way.