Brain Gain - Level 0 (Grade R)
Brain Gain - Level 0 (Grade R)
Brain Gain - Level 0 (Grade R)

Brain Gain - Level 0 (Grade R)

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Consists of 

  • One pack of 30 Literacy Cards
  • One pack of 30 Numeracy Cards

Brain Gain was developed to target and strengthen the skills and knowledge outlined in the South African CAPS curriculum for Grades R - 3.

Studying can be made fun through the use of games which are invaluable for the repetition necessary for developing the fluency and speed needed for these skills. Repetition is BORING and most children are not motivated to learn in this way, particularly those with barriers to their learning and especially those with ADHD who lose focus easily and who need lots of variety and novelty to keep them stimulated.

The Brain Gain cards were designed to:

  • Reinforce Foundation Phase literacy and numeracy concepts in a meaningful and interesting way.
  • Encourage and improve listening and auditory perceptual development.
  • Learn, practice and use phonics
  • Promote discussion, exploration and problem solving.
  • Enrich vocabulary and general knowledge
  • Stimulate reading and comprehension