Get Active & Snakes and Ladders Board (Large)
Get Active & Snakes and Ladders Board (Large)
Get Active & Snakes and Ladders Board (Large)
Get Active & Snakes and Ladders Board (Large)

Get Active & Snakes and Ladders Board (Large)

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Our board games are made of a strong, durable plastic and laminated, allowing them to be easily wiped clean.

Each board is printed double sided, ensuring maximum usage of the board.


1 x Double-Sided Board (50cm x 50cm)
2 x Dice
12 x Counters

Suitable for ages 5yrs - 9yrs

Parents | Teachers | Therapists

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is an internationally renowned and classic game, played by 2 or more players. A fun and stimulating game that can be played by all ages.

Sometimes just including some minor tweaks adds to the effectiveness of board games as a learning tool. Snakes and Ladders, for example, can also be used as a language activity. Key concepts can be incorporated into the game... concepts such as behind/in front of, up/down, under/over, and time/math concepts such as before/after, first-second-third, etc can be targeted during the game.

For instance, Parent/Teacher/Therapist: “Wow you have thrown a 6. That puts you in front of me, but you’re still behind Paul. Paul is in front, you’re second and I’m third. I’m also last. My roll. I need to roll a six to go up the ladder. I hope I don’t roll a 3 because then I will land on a snake’s head and have to go down its body all the way to its tail.”

Get Active Game

Being physically active is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Getting a good workout gets your blood flowing, which means more oxygen to your brain. This means our children feel better, concentrate better and get rid of any excess energy which helps them feel calmer.

What makes the game unique:

  • This is a board game entirely dedicated to getting kids MOVING!
  • All the major Gross Motor functions are covered.
  • It is bright, fun and can be played by many children at once.
  • It helps get rid of excess energy in children, helping them to focus and stay calm.

How to Play:
Jump, skip and hop your way around this board doing fun activities and getting a good work out along the way.