Board Games in a Bag - Senior Pack

Board Games in a Bag - Senior Pack

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An ideal solution for getting children and families playing again. Our smaller board games fit perfectly in our drawstring bag, complete with a pocket for playing pieces. 

Our board games are made of a strong, durable plastic and laminated, allowing them to be easily wiped clean. Each board is printed double sided, ensuring maximum usage of the board.

A wonderful option for families and therapists

The Senior Pack Includes:

6 Board Games on 3 Double-Sided Boards (30cm x 30cm)

  • Snakes & Ladders/Get Active
  • Battleships/Adventure
  • Chess/Backgammon

2 x Dice
12 x Counters
Battleships Pieces (15 laminated ships and middle dividing board)
2 x Whiteboard Pens
Chess Pieces
Backgammon Pieces

These games are aimed at ages 6yrs - 96yrs and are a wonderful and fun way to develop counting abilities, understand cause and effect, make decisions, solve problems and enhance communication. They are also superb to instill patience and to develop critical thinking skills.

Get Active is particularly great to help get rid of excess energy in children, helping them to focus and stay calm.