Board Games in a Bag - Full House

Board Games in a Bag - Full House

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An ideal solution for getting children and families playing again. Our smaller board games fit perfectly in our drawstring bag, complete with a pocket for playing pieces. 

Our board games are made of a strong, durable plastic and laminated, allowing them to be easily wiped clean. Each board is printed double sided, ensuring maximum usage of the board.

A wonderful option for families and therapists

The Full House Includes:

10 Board Games on 5 Double-Sided Boards (30cm x 30cm)

  • Snakes & Ladders/Get Active
  • House House/Village Way
  • Fun Maths/Shapes & Colours
  • Battleships/Adventure
  • Chess/Backgammon

4 x Dice
24 x Counters

2 x Cars
3 x Maths Dice
2 x Shapes and Colours Dice
Battleships Pieces (15 laminated ships and middle dividing board)
2 x Whiteboard Markers
Chess Pieces
Backgammon Pieces

This family pack of games covers ages 4 to 94 and will help develop imagination, numeracy and literacy, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, patience and communication skills.