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The Eduplay Table Range

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The Eduplay Table  The Eduplay Table   The Eduplay Table The Eduplay Table
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Board Games in a Bag 


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 2 Board Games  6 Jnr Board Games  6 Snr Board Games 10 Board Game
Playing Pieces All Playing Pieces  All Playing Pieces  All Playing Pieces
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Ages 4 - 9 Ages 4 - 9 Ages 8 Upwards Ages 4 upwards


Brain Gain  


Brain Gain is based on the South African CAPS Curriculum and enhances foundation phase literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and varied way.

The games board reinforces left to right directionality by starting at the top left-hand corner and sweeps across and down from left to right mimicking the direction of reading and writing.The children work their way to the bottom right hand corner, tracing the numbers as they go and working through the manners and activity blocks. 

The Brain Gain Cards reinforce Foundation Phase literacy and numeracy concepts in a meaningful and interesting way. They encourage and improve listening and auditory perceptual development and help children to learn, practice and use phonics. They promote discussion, exploration and problem solving and enrich vocabulary and general knowledge.

In the Brain Gain Box you will get:

  • 1 x 30cm double sided board game - Brain Gain AND Get Active (A board game entirely dedicated to getting kids moving)
  • 8 packs of Brain Gain Cards - 2 sets per Grade covering the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. That’s 240 cards totaling 1440 questions for Grades R – 3 
  • All the playing pieces.




Scottie Go! is an award-winning educational tool. It is a game-based approach to coding and programming and introduces the concepts to children in an interactive and fun way. It has been created with schools and educators in mind and offers comprehensive lesson plans and study guides. It has rapidly expanded to over 50 countries globally including the UK, US, Spain, France, Germany, UAE, Poland, South Korea, Italy.  It is currently in the TOP 30 best sellers list on Amazon UK (educational coding & programming toys.

Scottie Go! combines physical tiles with the app which ensures all senses are involved in the learning process. The app does not require internet connection, the game can be played anytime and anywhere.

View the link below to see how it works: 

                  R1 200 for 30 profiles over 3 devices     


 Not Just Bingo I Have Who Has

A fun take on Bingo to reinforce sight words and high frequency words for Grades R - 3.

Each pack contains 12 double sided laminated A5 cards and all the individual calling cards.

Level 1 – Dolch sight and CVC words – Grade R/1

Level 2 – Dolch sight and CVC words – Grade 1/2

Level 3 – Dolch sight words and digraphs – Grade 2/3

Beautifully designed and highly durable.


30 laminated playing cards reinforcing sight words for grades R - 3

A really fun way to get your kids reading and learning!