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Createplay is a company based in Durban trying to get back to basics in a world consumed by technology. There is overwhelming evidence of the positive benefits that playing board games has on children in terms of social, mental, emotional and physical development. Through the use of board games, we want to encourage children to interact, engage and communicate with each other and most importantly lessen the screen time. We are born with the natural ability to gain skills through play and so games are a perfect way to make learning engaging and fun. We have revamped some of the old classics, such as Snakes and Ladders and added some of our own educational games, such as the very popular Brain Gain, which is based on the South African CAPS Curriculum and enhances foundation phase literacy and numeracy skills.




Our Playful Team


Createplay Owner
Sarah Reeves

With a degree in Industrial Psychology and Business Management, Sarah has worked as a Change Manager within the corporate world for most of her working career. She has worked in London, Johannesburg and in the last 10 years in her home town of Durban. With 2 of her own children and 2 stepchildren, her house is a buzz of energy and activity! Sarah took the leap of faith in 2017 to start Createplay and has loved every second of her journey. One of the key elements of what she is trying to achieve with Createplay is to use board games to encourage children to interact, engage and communicate with each other - vital skills that are diminishing in this new technological world.

Graphic Designer
Suzanne Vorster
There’s nothing Suzanne enjoys more than taking a white space and transforming it with images and text into something interesting and engaging. “It’s like solving a puzzle”. She runs her studio from home and enjoys a good work-life balance… being able to spend time with her three children in-between work. “I’d rather someone pops in for a chat and a cup of coffee and work late than miss those moments…” With 25 years in the graphic design world and a well-trained eye for detail, she is the creative genius that brings the Createplay products to life.
Educational Psychologist
Jane Jarvis

Initially trained as a primary school teacher, Jane completed an Honours degree in Psychology, before teaching a variety of subjects to learners from Grades 5-7. Many of her learners came from township environments so she was exposed to the difficulties of teaching second language speakers. In 1998 Jane enrolled for a Masters degree in Educational Psychology at Wits. She then worked as an intern psychologist at Delta Park Remedial School for a year. Jane was employed by St. George’s Home as an educational consultant where she established the St. George’s Therapy and Care Centre. She then moved into private practice for a number of years where she specialised in ADHD. Jane is currently employed as an educational psychologist at DSG in Grahamstown. 

Over the years she has been involved in extensive parent and teacher training running workshops and presenting throughout South Africa.

Jane has co-authored a book titled The Manual That Never Came with Your Child and co-developed a game called Brain Gain which can be used as a teaching tool for Grades R to 3 and a remedial tool for older children. This game is aimed at enhancing foundation phase literacy and numeracy skills. Jane is also the mother of two boys.

Learning Support Specialist
Debbie De Jong

Debbie initially trained as a high school teacher. She taught English to English Second Language speakers from underprivileged environments for 5 years. Debbie then qualified as a remedial therapist at Wits in 1995. She established a private practice where she worked within a multidisciplinary team providing support for learners with emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.

Debbie develops educational resources for teachers, most of which are published through Pearson. She currently develops and presents teacher workshops on subjects relating to Literacy, Numeracy, Classroom Management and Professional Development. She also presents workshops to parents on topics such as: Supporting Homework Reading, Positive Discipline, and Establishing Routines.

Debbie works extensively in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector and is passionate about early learning support and intervention. She is involved in teacher training in the ECD sector. Debbie and her team are also involved with School Readiness Assessments to screen Grade R learners’ readiness for Grade 1.

A passionate advocate for play based learning recently led Debbie to join the training team at Care For Education (CFE), a South African – based educational company. CFE, in conjunction with The LEGO Foundation, Unicef and the Department of Basic Education are currently rolling out a play-infused teaching programme called, “Learning Through Play” to Foundation Phase teachers as a way to support and enrich curriculum delivery.

Debbie also consults to schools to evaluate and support the integration between curriculum, lesson planning, teaching methodologies and assessment. Together with Jane Jarvis, they wrote the book ‘The Manual that Never Came with Your Child’ and developed the educational game, ‘Brain Gain’.