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Brain Gain is based on the South African CAPS Curriculum and enhances foundation phase literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and varied way.

The games board reinforces left to right directionality by starting at the top left-hand corner and sweeps across and down from left to right mimicking the direction of reading and writing. The children work their way to the bottom right hand corner, tracing the numbers as they go and working through the manners and activity blocks. 

The Brain Gain Cards reinforce foundation phase literacy and numeracy concepts in a meaningful and interesting way. They encourage and improve listening and auditory perceptual development and help children to learn, practice and use phonics. They promote discussion, exploration and problem solving and enrich vocabulary and general knowledge.

In the Brain Gain Box you will get:

  • 1 x 30cm double sided board game - Brain Gain AND Get Active (A board game entirely dedicated to getting kids moving)
  • 8 packs of Brain Gain Cards - 2 sets per Grade covering the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. That’s 240 cards totaling 1440 questions for Grades R – 3 
  • All the playing pieces.
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