Playful Learning

Createplay is a company based in Durban North trying to get back to basics in a world consumed by technology. We want to encourage children and families to play games again and most importantly – lessen the screen time. We want to encourage kids to play, interact, engage and communicate with each other through the use of board games. There is overwhelming evidence of the positive benefits that playing board games has on children in terms of social, mental, emotional and physical development.

Games – It’s all about play!

We offer a variety of bright and durable Games Boards. These are double-sided boards made up of your own combination of games for either side of the board. These can include some of the good old favourites like Snakes and Ladders and Chess as well as some exciting new educational games, developed over a number of years and with various experts in their fields.

There are currently 21 board game options to choose from to make up your own individual, double sided Games Board – making it unique and specific for your needs. We are continually striving to add value to the board games we offer by engaging with teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, remedial therapists, educational psychologists and parents.


Bags of Fun!!

A colourful range of bags for easy storage of both your games boards and playing pieces... perfect to take your games away on holiday with you. Sturdy straps allow for easy carrying. Individual pockets allow for the storage of different playing pieces. Choose your pocket colour.

Can’t play without these...

A variety of accessories to accompany your board games or to replace any that may have been lost.

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